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If your dealership has a relationship with an advertising or marketing agency, that’s great.  We work in conjunction with their efforts and put some “icing on their cake.”   Our focus is to supplement the resources of dealerships without an agency affiliation. Smaller dealerships can’t afford a VP of Marketing, so we provide a more cost effective alternative to supplement their local marketing efforts.

By working with groups of dealers on standardized marketing programs our Advertising Co-Op is structured to assist auto dealerships with creating marketing strategies, executing advertising campaigns, and implementing local and regional events . . .  all within budgets that dealerships can afford.

If you have established relationships with an ad agency, local TV, Radio, and Outdoor Advertising companies we can work within those relationships and provide creative artwork, scripts and if needed video production, editing, and local photography too.  Do you already have a local ad agency or marketing firm doing some of your projects?  Our services piggyback on their efforts and provide assistance and support if needed.  And when a project exceeds our scope of expertise we have a number of advertising and marketing agencies we can call on to help our clients on a project basis.Carfolks-Advertising-Co-Op

Membership in our Co-Op is only available to dealerships participating on the Carfolks.com reputation marketing program, as many of our campaigns and initiatives build on the quality and validated customer experience that Carfolks dealers provide.

“Transparency builds trust. Trust becomes the foundation of great teamwork and great customer relationships.” (1)

By building a culture of openness and respect for the customer, dealerships can really stand out in the market and help improve the reputation of our industry.

Would You Like A Vendor Validation Service?

Typical dealership managers get anywhere from 5 to 20 calls or more a week from vendors selling digital, social, direct mail, sales events, training, and other products and services.  Trying to determine the value of these offerings is challenging at best, and often because time is better spent elsewhere, many good opportunities are missed.   As part of our Co-Op offering (remember we are now your VP of Marketing) you can now tell these vendors to speak to your Marketing Department (Us).

Don’t Waste Time with Vendors Who Add No Value The process is simple, just tell the pitching vendor to go to our “vendor website” where they enter their company information. Our organization will vet them and complete a report detailing the opportunity, costs involved, terms, and then share with you our thoughts on the value they will provide for your store(s) in your particular market.

Our information is both objective and subjective based on our experience, research, and feedback from industry experts and resources. While a vendor may have a great product or service, it might not be appropriate for the dealership at the current moment due to other priorities or changes going on in the store.

We make sure the vendor understands there could be a potential opportunity in the future, but the dealer doesn’t want to proceed at this time. If the service can be of value we schedule a time for the dealer and our team to hear a full presentation of the product offering.  The dealership makes the final decision on whether to do business with a vendor.  This service alone is worth $1,000 a month but it is included at no additional cost for dealers participating in the full Carfolks program.  


Our marketing team is a network of professionals led by Mark Dubis, the former Vice President (Marketing and Product Manager)  for two of the largest automotive lenders in the Mid-West (KeyBank USA & National City Bank), and he also happens to be the first full-time editor of Digital Dealer Magazine and co-organizer of the first two Digital Dealer Conferences in Nashville. He also has 20+ years of automotive experience, worked in auto dealerships in South Florida, and owned one of the top independent leasing companies in the Miami and Pompano Beach areas.  (View LinkedIn profile)

If you would like to explore joining our Advertising Cooperative just call (216) 712-6712. 

(1) Article -Radical Accountability article from Strategy + Business