Improve Long Term Customer Loyalty

Relationships grow to friendships and more customers

Everybody wants to feel special!

Cheers was a popular show whose theme song included the words, “. . . where everybody knows your name.”  The group of regulars at the bar were treated like family.  Let’s face it relationships are important. Trust is important.

Consumers come back to places where they cheersfeel welcome.  Carfolks helps dealerships keep a focus on making customers feel welcome? The Carfolks solution helps improve customer relationships and rewards team members with public recognition for their efforts.

Online today, a happy customer tells a few people about their great experience, but an unhappy customer has the ability to tell thousands about a bad experience.  That shoots down a hard earned reputation in a matter of hours or days.

Carfolks uses technology to enhance relationships and provides social proof that people and dealerships care about their customers. We like to say that Carfolks created a “new old fashioned” idea called a neighborhood. In a neighborhood we all work together, build friendships and help each other when needed.

The Internet increases transparency, social media amplifies the voice of the consumer, and third party vehicle shopping services promise to streamline the shopping and price negotiation process.  All these activities have forced dealers to reexamine how they do business.

These words by Maya Angelou are often quoted when talking about customer service:

“. . . People will forget what you said,

People will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carfolks empowers employees, helps them get credit for doing a great job, and gives them encouragement to build solid customer relationships.   When customers feel appreciated they tell their friends about the great people at the dealership.  Remember people want to go . . . where everybody knows their name!

Boost customer loyalty, build relationships, join the Carfolks Neighborhood.

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Customers Are Now Calling the Shots

When buying a vehicle customers have hundreds of choices. Dealers and their teams need to put on “their A Game” every time a customer or prospect walks in the door. Greg Gianforte, the founder of RightNow Technologies shares how important the customer experience really is in today’s business world. If you have a few minutes we recommend watching this video.

The video’s main takeaway, “Customer experience excellence will replace traditional promotional marketing.”

Carfolks provides a solution that makes your dealership stand out.